5kW Hydropower Turbine Generator, Axial Flow

● Powerful: This 5kW axial flow hydroelectric power generator is characterized by strong power and provides reliable power output. ● Flexible Voltage Options: Designed to support 220V or 380V voltage systems to meet diverse power needs. ● Efficient Water Energy Utilization: 20cm waterjet diameter, 2.5-5.5m head and 0.116-0.156m/s flow rate ensures full utilization of water energy and increased power generation efficiency. ● Stable and Reliable: The advanced axial flow design ensures stable operation under different water flow conditions, providing reliable energy production.
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The 5kW axial flow hydro power generator for home offers outstanding performance. With a power of up to 5kW, it is suitable for 220/380V and has a waterjet diameter of up to 20 centimeters. Its design allows it to operate in a head range of 2.5 to 5.5 meters with a flow rate control of 0.116 to 0.156 m/s, ensuring efficient power generation. Its subtle axial flow design maximizes the efficiency of water energy conversion. This turbine can be flexibly applied to water flow resources to provide clean energy for various power needs in a reliable and stable manner.

5kw water turbine feature


  • Hydroelectric power generator is stable, low noise, high efficiency, economical and practical.
  • With water flow, it can generate electricity, environmental protection and energy saving, multi-purpose.
  • A water turbine generator for home usually has an adjustable design that can be adjusted to changes in water flow. This allows for a relatively stable power output despite varying water flow conditions.
  • Water turbine generator is suitable for all kinds of living scenarios.


  1. Motor barrel
  2. Stator coil
  3. Rotor
  4. Bearing housing
  5. Water pipe
  6. Spindle
  7. Bearing position
  8. Water guide cone
  9. Water blades
  10. Water guide cover
5kW water turbine details

Axial Flow Water Turbine Set Installation Diagram

5kw water turbine set installation diagram

Power 5kW
Voltage 220/380V
Diameter of Water Blade 20cm
Head 2.5-5.5m
Flow Rate 0.116-0.156m/s

PDF computingAxial Flow Hydro Turbine Generator User Manual

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Q1. What is the difference between a 5kw hydro turbine generator and a conventional turbine?

The 5kw water turbine generator utilizes an axial flow design that provides a more compact structure and higher efficiency than traditional turbines. Its axial flow design allows the water to flow more directly through the turbine, maximizing the conversion of kinetic energy from water to electricity, thus increasing power generation efficiency.

Q2. What kind of water environment is this axial flow turbine generator suitable for?

The 5kw axial flow turbine generator is suitable for small rivers, streams and slow moving water. Its design takes into account the changes in water speed and flow rate, and is able to maintain stable performance in different water environments. However, in strong currents or rapids, a customized and more powerful design may be required.

Q2. Do I need a professional to install and maintain the 5kw water turbine generator?

Yes, specialized technicians are required to install and maintain a 5kw hydropower turbine generator. Ensure that the turbine is installed correctly to maximize its performance and that regular maintenance is carried out to ensure long-term stable operation. It is recommended to hire a team of professionals with relevant experience to perform these tasks to ensure the reliability and safety of the system.

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