150 Watt Power Inverter for Home, 12VDC to 220VAC

SKU: PH-PI-150
● 150W pure sine wave inverter with 110V/220V AC output. ● 12V and 24V versions available, output frequency adjustable 50/60Hz. ● Multiple protections make the product performance more stable and longer life. ● It can be widely used in all kinds of household appliances to get rid of power outages.
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This 150W power inverter for home is perfect for anyone looking for high-quality AC power. It's got a high-end chip and high-quality MOS tube, built-in multi-think protection measures, and both efficiency and safety. Plus, we've made some scientific improvements on top of the traditional craftsmanship. The aluminum shell makes the product sturdier and helps it dissipate heat, which means it lasts longer and is safer. This inverter is available in both 12V and 24V versions, and you can customize it with or without a digital display. It produces pure sine wave AC power that's better than grid utility power. You can get it in 110V/220V, and it doesn't have any electromagnetic pollution. It can power air conditioners, refrigerators, induction cookers, solar systems, and other household appliances with a power of less than 150W.

150W power inverter for home feature


  • Output pure sine wave, total harmonic distortion rate is less than 3%, the output AC power is the same or even better than the utility power.
  • Two LED indicators to show the working or protected status. After being protected, it has automatic restart function.
  • Including undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, etc. In the case of undervoltage, high-voltage, overload and over-temperature, it will send out an alarm and cut off automatically at the same time.
  • Universal AC output socket, also equipped with USB interface (optional).
  • Copper material terminals with excellent conductivity, bringing higher conversion efficiency.


  1. AC Output: Receptacle according to user selection. 12V/24V to 110V/220V (±10%).
  2. Signal Indicator: Green light indicates normal operation, red light indicates fault indication.
  3. USB Output (optional): DC output mode 1A/5V.
  4. Power On/Off Switch: I is to start working, O is to stop working.
  5. Positive Terminal: Connect with the positive terminal of the battery.
  6. Negative Terminal: Connect with the negative terminal of the battery.
  7. Intelligent Fan: Intelligently turn on and off according to the product temperature and load condition, energy saving and high efficiency.
150W power inverter for home details


150W Power Inverter Connection Diagram

150W power inverter connection diagram

150W Power Inverter Dimension

100W power inverter dimension

Input Voltage DC12V/24V
Output Voltage AC110V/220V
Rated Power 150W
Maximum Power 300W
Output Frequency 50/60Hz±3Hz
USB Output (optional) 5V, 500mA
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Protection Overload protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, under-voltage protection, reverse voltage protection
Size 190x122x50mm
Single Weight 790g
Power inverter for home

Power Inverter for Home

Power inverter for computer

Power Inverter for Computer

Domestic electric appliances

Domestic Electric Appliances

Power inverter for vehicle

Power Inverter for Vehicle


Q1: Can I use the 150W power inverter with the car engine off? How long can I use it?

Yes, but this will consume the car battery power.

Using time calculation formula: time = battery ampere-hour x 12V/battery power x 1.1

The battery of a small car is usually 65~70 AH, 12 in the formula means that the voltage of the car battery is 12V, 1.1 means that the conversion efficiency of this inverter is about 90%, and the actual power consumption is to be added 10% on top of the power consumption of the electrical appliances.

Q2: What safety issues should I pay attention to in the process of using the 150W power inverter?

Please pay attention to keep the inverter well ventilated and heat dissipation, do not close to water, do not use heavy objects to press, do not insert foreign objects into the inverter. When using, first turn on the inverter to work normally before connecting to the electrical appliances.

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Aaron | 6/11/2024 9:22 AM
Excellent inverter with a little flaw
This power inverter is much more user-friendly than the last one. It's true that you need to use a pure sine wave. I've used inverters with repaired sine waves before, and I noticed the appliance and charger weren't as reliable over time. The only thing I don't like about it is that it feels a little overpriced.