500W Power Inverter for Home, 24V to 220V

SKU: PH-PI-500
● High performance 500 watt power inverter with peak power up to 1000W for home use. ● Support multiple input voltage DC 12V/24V/48V, output stable 110V/220V pure sine wave. ● Intelligent safety protection, overload over-voltage over-temperature short-circuit have LED warning. ● Energy efficiency up to 90%, with intelligent air cooling system, stable work.
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500W pure sine power inverter, designed for home use, supports 24V to 220V conversion, provides pure sine wave output to ensure stable operation of electrical appliances. Rated power 500W, peak power up to 1000 watt, input voltage selectable DC 12V/24V/48V, output voltage stabilized at 110 VAC/220 VAC ±5%. With high efficiency up to 90%, intelligent air-cooling system ensures the device works well in the temperature range of -10℃~50℃. Complete safety features, including low-voltage, over-voltage, overload, over temperature and short-circuit protection, to ensure the use of safe and reliable, suitable for a variety of household appliances.

500 watt power inverter feature


  • Pure sine wave inverter for home use, stable output 500W, peak 1000W, easy to operate.
  • One-button efficient management ensures safe and reliable home power supply.
  • Strong compatibility, support 99% of household appliances, same safety as utility power.
  • Intelligent reduction of energy consumption, 45℃ automatically turn on the low noise cooling fan.
  • Selected aluminum alloy material, sandblasted oxidation, good heat dissipation and beautiful and durable.


  1. Power Indicator: Show the power status of the pure sine wave inverter, when it is on, it indicates that the equipment is energized and working normally.
  2. Switch: Control the pure sine power inverter power on or off, simple operation, easy to use
  3. USB Output: Provide USB interface power output, convenient for charging cell phones and other devices
  4. Output Socket: Provide AC power output for electrical appliances, support the use of a variety of electrical devices
500 watt power inverter detail

500W Power Inverter Size (unit: mm)

500 watt power inverter size

500W Power Inverter Connection

500 watt power inverter connection

Installation Precautions: The 48V and 24V inverters are connected similarly, but the batteries are connected in series.

Rated Power 500W
Peak Power 1000W
Input Voltage DC 12V/24V/48V (optional)
Output Voltage 110 VAC/220 VAC ±5% (optional)
Unload Current Less Than 12V: 0.4A; 24V: 0.3A; 48V: 0.2A
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz/60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Waveform Distortion THD<3% (Linear load)
USB Port 5V 1A
Max.Efficiency 90%
Input Voltage Range 12V: 10-15.5V; 24V: 20-31V; 48V: 40-61V
Low Voltage Alarm 12V: 10.5±0.5V; 24V: 21±0.5V; 48V: 42±1V
Low Voltage Protection 12V: 10±0.5V; 24V: 20±0.5V; 48V: 40±15V
Over Voltage Protection 12V: 15.5±0.5V; 24V: 31±0.5V; 48V: 61±1V
Low Voltage Recover 12V: 12.3±0.5V; 24V: 24±0.5V; 48V: 48±1V
Over Voltage Recover 12V: 14.8V±0.5V; 24V: 29.5V±0.5V; 48V: 59V±1V
Low Voltage Alarm at first, voltage continuously reduce. LED Red light on & shut down
Over Voltage LED Red light on, shut down
Over Load LED Red light on, shut down
Over Temperature Alam at frst, tempurature continuously rise. LED Red light on & shut down
Short Circuit LED Red light on
Input Reverse Polarity Fuse burn out
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Dimension 260*113*59mm
Net weight 1280g
Warranty 1 year
Cooling Method Intelligent air cooling
Power inverter for home

Power Inverter for Home

Power inverter for computer

Power Inverter for Computer

Power inverter home appliances

Home Appliances

Power inverter for car

Power Inverter for Car


Q1. How to hook up a power inverter?

First, turn off the power to the inverter and connect the positive and negative inputs of the inverter to the positive and negative terminals of the power source, usually the battery. After making sure the connections are secure, turn on the pure sine power inverter and test the outputs to see if they work properly to ensure safe use.

Q2. What is a power inverter used for?

A power inverter is used to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) so that it can be supplied to household appliances or tools. It is commonly used in automobiles, solar power systems, for outdoor activities, emergency backup power, or anywhere AC power is needed.

Q3. How to install a power inverter in a car?

Determine the location of the installation first, usually in a dry area of the car where it is easy to connect the wires. Secure the inverter to the car, make sure it is stable and ventilated. Connect the positive and negative cables from the pure sine inverter to the car battery, positive to positive and negative to negative, making sure the connections are secure and protected from short circuits.

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