1000W Power Inverter for Home, 12V to 220V

SKU: PH-PI-1000
● 1000W rated power, power inverter 12v to 220v, suitable for house. ● Pure sine wave output, waveform distortion less than 3%, protect home appliances from stable operation without damage. ● Stable output pure sine power inverter, 110VAC/220VAC selectable, portable inverter for home use. ● Intelligent air cooling system, maintains efficiency up to 90%, comes with USB port, convenient and practical.
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The 1000 watt pure sine power inverter is a versatile portable inverter that converts 12V battery voltage to 220V to provide reliable power for household appliances. With a peak power of up to 2000 watt, it can easily handle high-power devices. It is available with input voltages ranging from 12V, 24V to 48V, while providing a stabilized output of 110/220 VAC ±5%. The power inverter has a low standby current to ensure energy efficiency. It provides a pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD, which extends the life of electronic equipment. The inverter is equipped with a USB port for easy charging of devices. Its intelligent air-cooling system maintains optimal performance with a conversion efficiency of up to 90%, making it a top choice for home power converters.

1000 watt power inverter feature


  • The pure sine wave inverter's aluminum alloy housing is rugged and corrosion-resistant for extended service life.
  • Intelligent digital display pure sine power inverter monitors voltage and current status in real time, easy to use.
  • Intelligent cooling fan automatically adjusts the speed according to the temperature and reduces the noise.
  • Nine intelligent safety protection system, fully protect the circuit from damage.
  • High-efficiency conversion power inverter for home, maintains stable 220V output, conversion efficiency is up to 90% or more.


  1. Power Indicator Light: Bright indicator light design, clearly shows the pure sine wave inverter working status
  2. Output Sockets: Multiple standard sockets, suitable for all kinds of home appliances, providing stable output
  3. LCD Display: Intuitive LCD panel shows output voltage and battery level, easy to operate
  4. On/Off Switch: One-touch switch, easy to control the power output of the pure sine power inverter
  5. USB Output: USB port is included, convenient for charging cell phones and other small devices
1000 watt power inverter detail

1000W Power Inverter Size (unit: mm)

1000 watt power inverter size

Power Inverter Connection

500 watt power inverter connection

Installation Precautions: The 48V and 24V pure sine power inverters are connected similarly, but the batteries are connected in series.

Rated Power 1000W
Peak Power 2000W
Input Voltage DC 12V/24V/48V(optional)
Output Voltage 110 VAC/220 VAC ±5% (optional)
Unload Current Less Than 12V: 0.4A; 24V: 0.3A; 48V: 0.2A
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz/60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Waveform Distortion THD<3%(Linear load)
USB Port 5V 1A
Max.Efficiency 90%
Input Voltage Range 12V: 10-15.5V; 24V: 20-31V; 48V: 40-61V
Low Voltage Alarm 12V: 10.5±0.5V; 24V: 21±0.5V; 48V: 42±1V
Low Voltage Protection 12V: 10±0.5V; 24V: 20±0.5V; 48V: 40±15V
Over Voltage Protection 12V: 15.5±0.5V; 24V: 31±0.5V; 48V: 61±1V
Low Voltage Recover 12V: 12.3±0.5V; 24V: 24±0.5V; 48V: 48±1V
Over Voltage Recover 12V: 14.8V±0.5V; 24V: 29.5V±0.5V; 48V: 59V±1V
Low Voltage Alarm at first, voltage continuously reduce. LED Red light on & shut down
Over Voltage LED Red light on, shut down
Over Load LED Red light on, shut down
Over Temperature Alam at frst, tempurature continuously rise. LED Red light on & shut down
Short Circuit LED Red light on
Input Reverse Polarity Fuse burn out
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Dimension 300*180*80mm
Net weight 2920g
Warranty 1 year
Cooling Method Intelligent air cooling
Power inverter for home

Power Inverter for Home

Power inverter for computer

Power Inverter for Computer

Power inverter home appliances

Home Appliances

Power inverter for car

Power Inverter for Car


Q1. How to make a power inverter?

Creating a pure sine wave inverter requires electrical engineering expertise. You need to design a circuit that converts DC to AC, using components like transformers, MOSFETs, and a control circuit. It's crucial to understand voltage regulation and safety standards, as improper design can be hazardous. For most, buying a certified inverter is safer and more cost-effective.

Q2. How to install a power inverter in a car?

To install a pure sine power inverter in a car, select a suitable location close to the battery but away from heat sources. Secure the inverter, then connect it to the battery with proper gauge cables: Positive to positive and negative to negative. Ensure the power inverter is off when starting the car to avoid power surges.

Q3. How to hook up a power inverter?

To hook up a 220v power inverters for house, first identify the power requirements of the devices you intend to run. Connect the inverter's positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative cable to the battery's negative terminal. Ensure the inverter is off before connecting your devices, then turn it on for AC power.

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