300W Power Inverter for Home, 12VDC to 220VAC

SKU: PH-PI-300
● Pure sine wave inverter for home with continuous rated power 300W/peak power 6000W, better powering of appliances. ● Various dc to ac inverter selectable: 12V-220V, 24V-220V, 48V-220V, 12V-110V, 24V-110V, 48V-110V. ● Low conversion loss, stable and continuous output voltage, conversion efficiency of 90% or more. ● Power inverter is widely used in homes, cars, computers, RVs, vans, trucks, commercials, industrial.
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As a pure sine wave inverter, it ensures clean and stable power output, critical for running sensitive electronic devices without risking damage. It's ideal for home use, as well as in vehicles, RVs, and boats, providing a stable and continuous 220V AC supply with over 90% conversion efficiency. Safety features include alarms and automatic shutdown for low voltage, over voltage, overload, and over temperature conditions, alongside LED indications for critical status alerts. With a robust build, intelligent air cooling, and operational within a wide temperature range (-10℃ to +50℃), power inverter comes with a 1-year warranty, reinforcing its value as a dependable solution for converting DC to AC power in various voltages (12V, 24V, 48V to 110V or 220V).

300W power inverter for home feature


  • Efficient Conversion: The higher the conversion rate of the inverter, the longer the working time for the same capacity of the battery.
  • Ninefold Protection: Current protection, short circuit protection, overpressure protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overheating protection, reverse charge protection, power protection, cell protection.
  • Intelligent Cooling Fan: The fan adopts ball structure with long life, high speed, low noise and other characteristics. The temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius after the automatic start fan cooling.
  • Aluminum Alloy Shell: The surface has been sandblasted oxidized treatment for better heat dissipation, while taking into account the beauty and lasting color.


  1. Power Indicator: Clear, easy-to-read power indicator
  2. Switchgear: Control the power conversion process efficiently
  3. USB Output: Charge mobile devices, tablets, or other USB-powered gadgets directly from the inverter.
  4. Output Socket: This socket can accommodate plugs from various devices, enabling users to power laptops, small TVs, portable heaters, and other appliances. 
300W power inverter for home detail

300W Power Inverter for Home Dimension (Unit:mm)

300W power inverter for home size

300W Power Inverter Connection

300W power inverter for home wiring diagram

Installation Precautions: The 48V and 24V inverters are connected similarly, but the batteries are connected in series.

Rated Power 300W
Peak Power 600W
Input Voltage DC 12V/24V/48V (optional)
Output Voltage 110 VAC/220 VAC ±5% (optional)
Unload Current Less Than 12V: 0.4A; 24V: 0.3A; 48V: 0.2A
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz/60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Waveform Distortion THD<3% (Linear load)
USB Port 5V 1A
Max.Efficiency 90%
Input Voltage Range 12V: 10-15.5V; 24V: 20-31V; 48V: 40-61V
Low Voltage Alarm 12V: 10.5±0.5V; 24V: 21±0.5V; 48V: 42±1V
Low Voltage Protection 12V: 10±0.5V; 24V: 20±0.5V; 48V: 40±15V
Over Voltage Protection 12V: 15.5±0.5V; 24V: 31±0.5V; 48V: 61±1V
Low Voltage Recover 12V: 12.3±0.5V; 24V: 24±0.5V; 48V: 48±1V
Over Voltage Recover 12V: 14.8V±0.5V; 24V: 29.5V±0.5V; 48V: 59V±1V
Low Voltage Alarm at first, voltage continuously reduce. LED Red light on & shut down
Over Voltage LED Red light on, shut down
Over Load LED Red light on, shut down
Over Temperature Alam at frst, tempurature continuously rise. LED Red light on & shut down
Short Circuit LED Red light on
Input Reverse Polarity Fuse burn out
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Dimension 205*113*59mm
Net weight 940g
Warranty 1 year
Cooling Method Intelligent air cooling
Power inverter for home

Power Inverter for Home

Power inverter for computer

Power Inverter for Computer

Power inverter home appliances

Home Appliances

Power inverter for car

Power Inverter for Car


Q1. Can a car power inverter run a refrigerator?

A car power inverter can run a refrigerator, but it requires careful consideration. The inverter must manage the refrigerator's initial surge and continuous power needs, and the car’s battery must sustain this draw without draining quickly. For extended use, keeping the car running might be necessary to prevent battery depletion. A pure sine wave inverter is preferred for its compatibility with the refrigerator's motor and compressor. Ensuring the inverter's capacity and battery endurance is crucial for successful operation.

Q2. Can a power inverter run an air conditioner?

Yes, a power inverter can run an air conditioner, but it must have a sufficient wattage rating to handle the high power requirements of the air conditioning unit. Air conditioners typically require a large amount of power, not only to start the compressor but also to run it continuously. Therefore, the inverter must be able to provide enough continuous power and have a high enough surge capacity to handle the startup current of the air conditioner. It's important to check the air conditioner's power consumption, usually measured in watts or BTUs, and ensure the inverter can supply that amount of power plus a margin for safety and efficiency.

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