20A PWM Solar Charge Controller, 12V/24V/48V

● The 20 amp PWM solar charge controller for 12V/24V/48V systems with automatic voltage recognition. ● Multi-functional design for various battery types (optional), easy to set up to meet different battery parameter requirements. ● Powerful charging and discharging capabilities with reliable and stable performance provide reliable power management for solar systems. ● Dual USB output ports for easy charging and intelligent control for home and off-grid living scenarios support your energy self-sufficiency.
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Introducing our latest 20a PWM solar charge controller for 12V/24V/48V systems. With automatic voltage recognition, this controller is compatible with Li-ion ternary batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and lead-acid batteries (optional). You can easily set the desired battery type, we recommend Li-ion Saints, or you can choose other battery parameters according to your needs (please refer to the PDF file in the parameter table). This pwm solar controller has a rated charging and discharging current of 20A, which guarantees an efficient and safe charging process. The maximum photovoltaic voltages are <25V for 12V systems, <50V for 24V systems, and <100V for 48V systems, ensuring stable system operation. Welcome to buy our solar controller to realize your solar charging system!

20a pwm solar charge controller feature


  • Adopting industrial-grade main chip, wide voltage 12V/24V/48V automatic identification, suitable for lead-acid, lithium ternary, lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Intelligent control, LCD color screen display, multiple protection is safer.
  • Large screen, LCD display, adjustable charging and discharging parameters.
  • Complete 3-stage PWM charging management. Built-in near-charging protection, short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse connection protection are self-recovery does not damage the controller.


  1. Large LCD Display: Digital display of LCD, with multiple parameters adjustable
  2. Dual USB Port: Easy to connect, comes with dual USB ports for simpler operation
  3. Heat Sink Backplate: Has better heat dissipation and runs smoother
  4. Cooling Vents: Simple design cooling vents on both sides, fine workmanship on the edges, smooth and rounded alignment, strong sense of three-dimensionality
20a pwm solar charge controller detail

20A PWM Solar Charge Controller Size (unit: mm)

20A pwm solar controller size

20A PWM Solar Charge Controller Description

20a pwm solar charge controller description

1 2 3 4 5 6
Chassis LCD Display Solar Access LED Battery LED Load and WIFI Status LEDs Menu Button
7 8 9 10 11 12
Flip Up Button Confirmation/Load On/Off Button Flip Down Button Chassis USB Port Solar Panel Connector
13 14 15 16 / /
Battery Connector Load Connector Temperature Sensor Port Heat Sink Window / /


20A PWM Solar Charge Controller Install Diagram
20A pwm solar charge controller install diagram

Installation Note 

  1. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the controller as shown in the diagram, the controller will automatically detect the battery voltage.
  2. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the load to the controller as shown in the diagram, and be careful not to connect the reverse.
  3. Connect and release the solar panel to the controller according to the diagram.
Automatic Voltage Recognition 12V/24V/48V/Systems
Battery Type Li-ion ternary battery / lithium iron phosphate battery / lead-acid battery (optional)
Setting the Battery Type Li-ion ternary battery (if you need other battery parameters please check the PDF file)
Rated Charge Current 20A
Rated Discharge Current 20A
Maximum PV Voltage 12V system<25V/24V system<50V/48V system<100V
USB Output 5V 2A MAX
Standby Current 12V<80ma; 24V<45ma; 48V<30ma
System Voltage 12V System 3 Strings Default 12.6V (irreconcilable)
Default 9V (Adjustable 9~10.5V)
Default 10.5V (Adjustable 10.5~11.7V)
System Voltage 24V System 7 Strings Default 29.4V (irreconcilable)
Default 21V (Adjustable 21~24.5V)
Default 24.5V (Adjustable 24.5~27.3V)
System Voltage 48V System 13 Strings Default 54.6V (irreconcilable)
Default 39V (Adjustable 39~45.4V)
Default 45.4V (Adjustable 45.4~50.7V)
Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Dimension 115*145*57mm
Net weight 0.45kg

PDF computing20A PWM Solar Charge Controller User Manual

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Q1. Can a 20a PWM solar charge controller be used with larger solar systems?

It's best suited for smaller systems due to its current limit. Larger systems may benefit from higher-capacity charge controllers.

Q2. How do I install and configure a 20 amp PWM solar charge controller?

Installation involves connecting the solar panels, batteries, and load according to the solar controller's manual. Configuration settings like battery type and charging mode can be adjusted through the controller's interface.

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