420 Watt Portable Solar Panel, 38V

● Ultra-light 420W monocrystalline silicon PV panel with 38V high efficiency output. ● Outdoor charge select portable solar panels, suitable for a variety of energy storage power, stable and reliable performance. ● Equipped with MC4 connector, portable carrying handle and 38V output for lasting durability. ● New portable solar system for outdoor camping, environmentally friendly and portable, provides long time power support.
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A must have for exploring the great outdoors! Combined with a portable solar system, this 420 watt solar photovoltaic panels is perfect for outdoor camping and wilderness recreation. Made of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon material, the conversion rate is up to 22%, ensuring reliable and stable power output. Equipped with a portable carrying handle and adjustable bracket, it is easy to carry and install, and the 16AWG MC4 output connector is compatible with a variety of energy storage power sources, ensuring convenient charging. The size of 182*182mm battery cell design is lightweight and flexible. Ideal for both outdoor living and home emergency backup!

420w flexible pv panel feature


  • 420watt high power solar module with multiple outputs, a must-have for traveling in multiple scenarios.
  • Made of high-performance monocrystalline silicon, the light energy conversion rate is up to 22% to bring better charging experience for outdoor equipment.
  • Aviation lightweight material, more convenient for users to carry.
  • One-piece solar panels are more durable and can easily withstand all kinds of harsh weather.
  • The sensitivity is high, and it can still generate power in rainy weather.
  • Detachable and foldable design, can be carried with one hand, more easy to carry for outdoor trips.


  1. Portable Handle: Lightweight for outdoor use, the handle is designed for easy traveling and carrying
  2. Zipper Pouch: High-quality zipper bag material, effective waterproof and dustproof
  3. Adjustable Bracket: Holds the solar panel securely in any scenario, making charging more flexible
  4. One-piece Design: Solar panel combined with zipper pouch, compact and portable
420w flexible solar panel detail

420W Portable Solar Panel Size (unit: mm)

420w flexible pv panel size

420W Portable PV Panel Compatible Charge

420w flexible pv panel compatible charge

Note: The universal MC4 connector is compatible with many different energy storage power charging.

Peak Power 420Wp
Working Voltage 38V
Number of panels Four
Open Circuit Voltage 47.V
Working Current 10.8A
Short Circuit Current 11.67A
Output Connector 16AWG MC4
Cell Material Monocrystalline silicon
Packages Regular package with MC4 to DC cable
Folded Size 720*970*52mm
Expand Size 12690*970*17mm
PV panel for rv

PV Panel for RV

Camping pv panels

Camping PV Panels

PV panels for wildlife fishing

PV Panel for Wildlife Fishing

PV panel for self drive travel

PV Panel for Self Drive Travel


Q1. How to use the 420 watt folding solar panel effectively?

To use your 420 watt portable pv panel effectively, make sure it receives direct sunlight for optimal power generation, place it at the right angle for maximum exposure, use compatible charging cables and adapters, keep it clean to absorb power efficiently, and store it properly when not in use to prolong its life.

Q2. How many devices can I charge simultaneously with a 420 Watt portable solar panel?

The 420 watt folding solar panel can charge multiple devices simultaneously, depending on their power requirements and the sunlight conditions. It's designed to efficiently charge small appliances, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even portable power stations.

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Eisley | 5/24/2024 6:49 AM
Quality solar panel and great service
Got a 400W solar panel to charge a 36V LiPo battery, here is the test:
The local temperature is 20 ° C, the power is 150W at 10am, cloudy, no sunshine, and reaches 300W when the sun comes out at 11. The solar panel power can be stabilized at 400W in the afternoon with strong sunshine.
Plus, the packaging service was professional and the price and shopping experience was satisfactory!
Lyon | 5/20/2024 9:28 AM
Available on cloudy days
Took this solar panel for hiking use, 420W is just right and charges quickly. Moreover it's very sensitive to light and can work on cloudy and rainy days. Recommended for anyone enjoying hiking.