80A PWM Solar Charge Controller, 12V/24V/36V/48V

● Green choice! 80A PWM solar charge controller for 12V/24V/36V/48V system, stable and efficient, built for residential/off-grid living. ● Solar controller automatically adapts different battery voltage. Built-in insurance and protection device, with input and output reverse connection protection. ● Up to 100V module voltage for optimized power conversion. Advanced temperature compensation technology for reliable operation from -20°C to +50°C. ● Protection class IP32, suitable for domestic or off-grid system, new dual USB output function, brings convenience to your life.
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A selection of high quality 80 amp PWM solar charge controllers for 12V/24V/36V/48V systems. This solar controller automatically recognizes the voltage and supports Li-ion ternary battery, Li-FePO4 battery and lead-acid battery, which flexibly meets the needs of different batteries. This solar controller has a maximum charging current of 80A, the maximum open circuit voltage of the module 100V, self-loss of only 30mA, loop voltage down to 0.3V, to ensure charging efficiency and stability. Dual USB output ports for 5V/2A power output, convenient for your charging use. Temperature compensation function ensures that the best performance can be maintained under various temperatures, and a wide range of operating temperatures are suitable for various environments.IP32 protection level ensures safe and reliable operation of the equipment. Welcome to learn more about solar controllers for residential and off-grid living and seize the opportunity to buy at a discount!

80a pwm solar charge controller feature


  • Efficient and stable power generation, this solar controller is widely used in solar power system/smart home can monitor the system solar light box can billboard can warning lights and other solar power system.
  • Three-stage PWM regulation charging, adopting direct charging, boost charging and float charging three-stage PWM regulation charging method to use the controller, realizing fast intelligent charging and prolonging the service life of the battery.
  • Industrial appearance design highlights simplicity and practicality, simple and generous appearance, simple and reasonable layout and easy to operate.


  1. High Definition LCD Screen + Feedback Buttons: The large HD display and feedback buttons can efficiently improve the efficiency of human-computer interaction
  2. Aluminum Alloy Heat Dissipation Back Plate: Thickened heat dissipation back plate, heat dissipation performance to improve the design of the tube MOS close to the heat dissipation plate, 60°C ambient temperature can operate normally
  3. Concealed Installation Wiring: Wiring installation using hidden is designed to use the bottom cover box pull down, connect the wiring, installation is completed to cover the bottom cover can be
80a pwm solar charge controller detail

80A PWM Solar Charge Controller Size (unit: mm)

80A pwm solar controller size

80A PWM Solar Charge Controller User Interface

80a pwm solar charge controller user interface

Icon Load Working Mode: As Figure 1
100 Reverse light control mode(the load is automatically turned off when it is dark, and automatically turned on when it is light).
101h~115h Light control & dual time mode: the load is automatically turned on in the dark, and automatically turned off at dawn (1h-15h means the load can be set to work for a long period of time after dark).
116 Pure light control mode
Icon Load Working Mode: As Fig. 2
200 Without activating light control & dual time mode, can't enter the setting.
201h~215h After activating the light control & dual time mode, you can enter this page to set 1h 15h to control the working hours of the load before daybreak.
117 24 hours
Maximum Charging Current 80A
Automatic Voltage Recognition 12V/24V/36V/48V/Systems
Battery Type Li-ion ternary battery / lithium iron phosphate battery / lead-acid battery (optional)
Maximum Open Current Voltage of Module 100V
Self Loss ≤30mA
Loop Voltage Drop ≤0.3V
USB Output 5V/2A*2
Temperature Compensation 4mV/℃/2V (25℃)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Protection Rating IP32
Humidity 95%, no condensation
Terminal 4AWG/25mm2
Mounting Hole Diameter 190*104mm-Ф5mm
Dimension 200*131.6*72mm
Weight 0.79kg
Off grid solar charge controller

Off Grid Solar Charge Controller

PWM solar controller for solar systems

Solar Controller for Solar Systems

PWM solar charge controller for outdoor caravan

Outdoor Caravan

PWM solar controller for solar street light

Solar Street Light


Q1. Can I expand my solar power system with an 80A PWM solar charge controller?

Yes, you can expand your solar power system with an 80A PWM solar charge controller by adding more solar panels and batteries as needed. However, it's crucial to maintain a balanced configuration to ensure efficient charging and avoid overloading the solar controller.

Q2. How do I troubleshoot common issues with an 80A PWM solar charge controller?

Common issues with PWM solar charge controllers include voltage fluctuations, overheating, and connection problems. Troubleshooting involves checking wiring connections, verifying input/output voltages, and ensuring proper ventilation and cooling for the PWM solar controller. Referring to the user manual and consulting with technical support can also help resolve issues effectively.

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