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Generac Backup Battery

Your answer to power outages.

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What Is A Generac Battery Backup?3

Generac battery backup systems store any unused power from your solar panels for later use. When you experience an outage, you can leverage the stored power in your battery to keep portions of your home running. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in a Generac battery backup with your solar panel system.

Benefits Of A Generac Battery Backup System

Generac batteries offer cutting-edge solutions to common issues, such as power outages. Here are some of the ways a battery backup can impact your home:

  • Power portions of your home during outages.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Potentially save money on your electric bills.
  • Potentially reduce your dependence on the power grid.
  • Customize the battery settings to meet your specific consumption needs.

How Does A Generac Battery Backup Work?3

What It Does

Generac battery backup systems work by storing the unused power generated by your solar panels for later use, such as during a power outage, or at night, when your panels aren’t producing.

How It Works

Typically, solar panels can only power your home when you’re connected to the grid. However, during a power outage you lose that grid connection. By storing excess solar energy inside your battery, you can power a portion of your home independently from the grid because you have energy right inside your battery backup.

What It Means For You

That’s why we recommend bundling a Generac battery backup with your solar panel system to get the most return on your investment. Watch the video to see how it works.

Customize Your Generac Battery Backup

Every home is different. To ensure your battery meets your specific needs, Generac has four power modes -- each one designed for different scenarios. Read on to see how you can customize your battery backup power.

Self-Supply Mode

With this mode, you can store excess energy in your battery to use at a later time. When your battery reaches 100%, it sends excess energy back to the grid.

Clean Backup Mode

This mode sends all of the energy generated by your solar panels to your backup battery to keep the battery at 100% capacity and ensure that you have as much energy as possible to power the protected loads in your home during an outage.

Priority Backup Mode

This is similar to Clean Backup Mode, except you can also use power from the grid to bring your battery to full capacity.

Grid Mode

This mode is used when you don’t have a battery attached to your solar system. When you’re ready to add one, that’s where the three other modes come in handy.

Where Will My Generac Battery Backup System Live?

Your Generac backup battery system will live outside your living space against a wall in your garage or mounted on the side of your home, depending on geography. Enclosed by a cover shield, Generac batteries are well-equipped to endure external environments.

About Generac

Generac is a world-renowned company that provides generators, power washers and batteries. Since 1959, Generac continues to present innovative generator technology by introducing automatic transfer switches, portable technology and more. Today, Generac is the #1 brand in residential backup generators.

Interested In A Generac Battery Backup?

Contact us today to find out more about how a Generac battery backup could potentially help you power your home during electrical outages.