POWERHOME Solar Customers
Share Their Stories

What’s it like to have solar panels installed on your home? Our satisfied customers share why they chose POWERHOME, what the installation process was like, and how switching to solar power has changed their lives.


Columbiaville, Michigan

Weeks Case Study

Many people think that there is not enough sun in Michigan to generate enough solar power for an average home. But Ed and Wendy Weeks know the facts. Inspired by the high cost of power in Michigan, they switched to solar power.


Wolverine Lake, Michigan

Rosenthal Case Study

Often on the forefront of change, Dana and Wendi Rosenthal were POWERHOME Solar’s first customer in Michigan and the first on their block to go solar. After doing the math, they saw the value of switching to solar power, and Dana even helped convince one of his neighbors to do the same.


Supply, North Carolina

Ruff Case Study

Weather is no match for ground-mounted solar panels. The Ruff family was in the eye of Hurricane Florence, and with it came high winds and heavy rain. Despite flooding and downed tree branches, their ground-mounted solar panels withstood the conditions. Quite a testament to POWERHOME Solar’s products and workmanship.


Lima, Ohio

Barnes Case Study

Not enough sun? Too cold for solar panels? Those are just two of the comments Jill Barnes has heard about why solar won't work in Ohio. But she knows better. Her sleek, attractive solar panels provide plenty of energy for her home, even as she continuously heats her therapeutic swim spa at 102 degrees.


Gloucester, Virginia

Clifton Case Study

Since switching to solar power, Claudia Clifton has become a solar power advocate. She’s very convincing, using as evidence her own reduced electric bills. She especially appreciates her lower bills during the holidays when she creates a Christmas lights display that is famous in her community and miles beyond it.


Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, POWERHOME Solar is the leading American-made solar company. We live by our motto “Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power.” Innovation is one of our core values, in how we operate and the level of service we offer our customers. This means we are one of the few companies that does everything for its customers. We are passionate about solar power and building a movement to increase the number of homes powered by the sun and help our customers achieve energy independence.