Chris Ferris System Details

Winston-Salem, NC
21 Solar Panels (16 in 2019 + 5 additional in 2020)
6.3 KW
Power Generation

Chris Ferris beams when discussing the impact his solar panels have had on his life. Originally learning about solar in the 1990s, Ferris always had his eye on the product but wanted the technology to advance further before taking the leap himself.

After seeing an ad for POWERHOME SOLAR in 2019 and thoroughly researching the product, Ferris felt it was time to move forward. The perceptive Audio Visual Design Engineer says he chose POWERHOME SOLAR in large part because of the company’s professionalism, reputation and cost.

Ferris laughed as he explained that before solar, his electric bill would be up to $300 a month during the summer, when his air conditioner would be running. While that bill was reduced to about $50 with his 16 solar panels, Ferris wanted to see an even larger reduction. That’s why he added five more panels to his array.

Solar offers relief for the Ferris family

Ferris originally had concern over how the solar panels would look on his roof, but he found peace of mind when POWERHOME SOLAR’s design department showed him the vision for panel placement on his roof. The south side of Ferris’ home is the back side of his home, and his backyard runs up against a wooded area. Unless you’re in his backyard and standing on your tiptoes, you can’t see much of the panels.

Ferris raved about his installation experience, praising POWERHOME SOLAR’s professionalism, efficiency and ability to get the job done quietly. A laugh was shared when Ferris mentioned his wife arrived home without noticing the panels and thought the installation was rescheduled.

Ferris listed all the reasons why he decided to work with POWERHOME SOLAR.

“First, the reviews you guys had were very positive,” Ferris said. “Second, the sales consultant Brandon [Curry] was very personable. Financially, it lowered my monthly bills and it significantly increased the value of my house. It also made sense for the environment; I am reducing my carbon footprint.”

Ferris says the increase in value allowed him to refinance his home and consolidate debt, saving him even more money.

A long-lasting impression

First impressions are everything in sales, and Ferris said his meeting with Curry couldn’t have gone better. Ferris applauded Curry’s patience, politeness and his knowledge.

“Brandon didn’t try to oversell. He checked every box,” Ferris said.

Ferris raved about POWERHOME SOLAR’s education process, claiming it was as complete as he’s ever seen. He applauded the team for constantly staying in touch and keeping him updated.

Ferris also appreciated the value of POWERHOME SOLAR’s energy efficiency package, which includes items such as additional blown insulation in the attic, a hot water heater blanket and much more. When utilized correctly, the little things around the house can add up to big savings. Ferris discussed how he does little sustainable things such as adding LED bulbs, recycling and using programmable thermostats which also work to lower his monthly bulls.

Throughout the experience, Ferris appreciated how easy it was to add solar.

“I was expecting it to be much more of a thing. I was thinking, ‘Oh they are going to have to brace the roof of the house, there’s going to be all kinds of drilling, it’s going to be messy and nasty,'” Ferris said. “But no, it was clean, it was quick and it was as painless as any house upgrade I have ever had to experience.”

Ferris’s advice for those considering solar was to “don’t think about it, just do it.” And better yet, his decision to go solar meant he was helping the environment.