1kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 24V/48V/96V

SKU: PH-VWT-1000
● 1kW vertical axis wind turbine with nominal voltage 24V/48V/96V(selectable). Features a three-phase AC permanent magnet generator. ● Made with aluminium alloy blades and housing with plastic spraying for weather resistance. ● Electromagnetic brake system and automatic windward adjustment. ● Ideal for cabins, rural homes, and remote locations without access to the main power grid.
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The 1kW vertical axis wind turbine, with voltage options of 24V, 48V, and 98V, features an automatic wind direction adjustment system for optimal power generation. It has a low cut-in wind speed for continuous energy supply and operates silently, making it suitable for residential areas. Built-in over-speed protection and braking systems ensure safe operation. It can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +80°C, harnessing renewable wind energy to reduce carbon footprint. Ideal for residential areas, small commercial installations, remote and off-grid locations, and agricultural applications.

1kW vertical wind turbine feature


  • Automatic Wind Direction Adjustment: The turbine automatically aligns with changing wind directions to optimize power generation efficiency.
  • Low Cut-in Wind Speed: Capable of generating power at minimal wind speeds, ensuring a consistent energy supply even in less windy environments.
  • Silent Operation: Engineered for minimal noise, making it ideal for residential areas without causing disturbances.
  • High Safety Standards: Equipped with advanced safety features such as over-speed protection and braking systems to ensure safe operation under all conditions.


  1. Core technology generators with low torque at start-up and high generator conversion efficiency.
  2. High-quality aluminium alloy blades with plastic spraying or oxidation treatment on the surface, strong corrosion resistance.
  3. High performance, magnetic levitation generator.
  4. Uses a user-friendly flange mounting design for easy installation and maintenance.
1kW vertical axis wind turbine details

Residential Off-Grid Systems

1kW vertical axis wind turbine residential off grid systems


Rated Power 1kW
Maximum Power 1.1kW
Nominal Voltage 24V/48V/96V
Rotor Diameter 1.3m
Impeller Height (Length) 2m
Blade Quantity 5 pcs
Blade Material Aluminium alloy
Start-up Wind Speed 1.5m/S
Cut in Wind Speed 4m/S
Rated Wind Speed 11m/S
Survival Wind Speed 53m/S
Generator Type Three phase AC permanent magnet generator
Generator Housing Material Aluminium alloy
Surface Treatment Plastic spraying
Insulation Class F
Degree of Protection IP65
Alnico Magnet NdFeB
Brake Method Electromagnetic brake
The Wind Adjustment Automatic windward
Working Temperature -40°C-80°C
Design Service Life 20 Years
Residential property

Residential Property

Small urban business districts

Small Urban Business Districts

Rural and pastoral areas

Rural and Pastoral Areas

Mountain slopes

Mountain Slopes


Q1. Is the turbine compatible with solar panels for a hybrid system?

Yes, the turbine can be integrated with solar panels to create a hybrid renewable energy system, maximizing energy production and reliability.

Q2. How does the wind turbine perform in different weather conditions?

The turbine is designed to operate efficiently in various weather conditions, including low wind speeds.
It can withstand extreme temperatures and is corrosion-resistant.
It is also designed to be storm-resistant, with built-in safety features to prevent damage during high winds.

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