200 Watt Flexible PV Panel, 20V

● Highly efficient 23% 200 watt flexible solar panel for outdoor/domestic emergency power needs. ● Operating voltage 25V, maximum power point operating current 10A, providing stable charging energy. ● Front panel glass is made of ETFE and rear panel glass is made of TPT to ensure long-term outdoor use. ● Connector adopts MC4 connector, easy to carry with removable solar system.
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Purchase this wonderful 200 watt curved solar panels will bring unlimited convenience to your outdoor life. Solar panel output voltage 20V, a maximum power point operating current of 10.28A, and a solar electric power generation efficiency of up to 23%, which ensures efficient solar energy capture in any environment. Equipped with 36 pieces of battery quantity, the power tolerance is only 3%, ensuring stable and reliable power output. Adopting MC4 connectors and ETFE/TPT front and rear panel glass ensures durability and efficient conversion of solar energy. Whether for residential rooftop installation or outdoor camping and leisure, this flexible solar panel is your reliable energy choice.

200W flexible solar panel feature


  • 100 watt flexible solar panel is lightweight, 2mm thick and easy to install.
  • The solar panel can be bent up to 360° without damaging the battery after bending.
  • The panels are made of ETFE film and can transmit up to 95% light.
  • The ETFE texture is easy to clean and self-cleaning for ease of use and to enhance the user experience.


  1. Stainless Steel Round Hole: High corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical strength
  2. MC4 Output Socket: Reliable connection, adapting to various environmental conditions
  3. IP67 Waterproof Junction Box: Effective waterproofing, guaranteeing stable operation of the system
  4. Flame-retardant Material: Safe and reliable, prolonging the service life of solar panels
200W flexible solar panel details

200W Flexible PV Panel Size

200W flexible PV panel size

200W Flexible PV Panel Wiring Diagram

200W flexible solar panel wiring diagram

Rated Power 200W
Battery Type Monocrystalline solar panels
Maximum Power Point Operating Voltage 20V
Operating Current 10.28A
Photoelectric Efficiency 23%
Operating Voltage 25V
Short Circuit Current 10.6A
Maximum Power Point Operating Current 10A
Number of Cells 36
Power Tolerance 3%
Connector MC4 connector
Front Panel Glass ETFE
Rear Panel Glass TPT
Junction Box PV-XC022
Size 1570*700*2mm
Net Weight 3.9kg
Flexible pv panel for RV

Flexible PV Panel for RV

Flexible pv panel for off grid house

Flexible PV Panel for Off Grid House

Flexible PV panel for ship

Flexible PV Panel for Ship

Flexible pv panel for towed vehicle

Flexible PV Panel for Towed Vehicle


Q1. What are the environmental benefits of using the 200w flexible PV panel?

Using solar panels helps reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Q2. Is the panel suitable for portable applications?

Yes, its lightweight and flexible design make it perfect for portable applications such as camping, outdoor activities, and mobile power needs.

Q3. Can the panel be connected to other panels?

Yes, multiple 200w panels can be connected in series or parallel to increase the overall power output, depending on your system's requirements.

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