200 Watt Power Inverter for Home, 12VDC to 220VAC

SKU: PH-PI-200
● Novel Design: 200 watt pure sine wave 12VDC to 220VAC home power inverter for residential/off-grid living, multiple protection functions ensure safety and reliability. ● Stable Output: Power output up to 200W, output voltage 110V/220V selectable, frequency 50/60Hz±3 selectable, suitable for all kinds of home appliances. ● Multi-functional Design: With USB output port 5V 2.1A, suitable for charging cell phones, tablets and other devices, convenient and practical. ● Safety Guarantee: Built-in 30A/15A fuse, cooling fan with load and temperature control, ensure long time stable operation.
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We recommend a 200 watt power inverter designed for residential and off-grid living that converts 12V DC to 110V AC/220V AC. This pure sine wave inverter has a selectable 12V or 24V input voltage to ensure stable operation of your electronic devices. Meanwhile, it has 400W pulse power for household appliances and lamps. With USB output port, it is convenient for you to charge. Equipped with 30A fuse and 6 kinds of protection functions to guarantee the safety of use. Cooling fan with load and temperature control ensures stable operation for a long time. This portable inverter is suitable for outdoor camping and vehicle use, ideal for your off-grid life.

200 watt power inverter feature


  • Equipped with USB socket, dual output socket, dual signal light indicator, one key start switch and so on.
  • The power inverter has a compact structure and complete functions to meet your multiple use environment.
  • Adopting high quality Bakelite terminals with clear labeling of positive and negative poles and large spacing separation of terminals for easy wiring.
  • Upgraded performance, more powerful performance, six advantages to provide you with a better experience.


  1. Aluminum Heat Dissipation: Thickened aluminum-magnesium alloy shell with beam design, heat dissipation performance and pressure resistance are greatly improved
  2. Heat Dissipation Fan: Forced air-cooled large aperture vents, reasonable heat dissipation structure can ensure that the internal work within the normal temperature temperature output
  3. Intelligent Chip: Multiple intelligent security protection, conversion time <10MS, more stable conversion output, more stable compatibility, with undervoltage reminder function, can be automatically shut down
  4. Pure Sine Wave: As safe as utility power, high quality AC power, high efficiency and stable output to reduce the loss of power equipment
200 watt power inverter detail

200W Power Inverter Size (unit: mm)

200 watt power inverter size

200W Power Inverter Battery Wiring

200 watt power inverter battery wiring

Installation Precautions: Ensure that the battery is in a ventilated environment. Flammable gases may be generated during charging and discharging of the battery.

Rated Power 200W
Impulse Power 400W
Output Voltage 110V/220V (±5%)
Output Frequency 50/60Hz±3%
No-load Current Consumption ≤0.5A
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
USB Output 5V 2.1A
Protection Function Under-voltage reminder, automatic shutdown, over-temperature, over-voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity, leakage, overload protection
Input Voltage 12V/24V
Fuse 30A*1/15A*1
Cooling Fan With load and temperature control
Weight (net) 0.89kg
Size 226*108*62mm
Certification CE-EMC/LVD,ROHS

PDF computing200W Power Inverter User Manual

Power inverter for home

Power Inverter for Home

Power inverter for computer

Power Inverter for Computer

Domestic electric appliances

Domestic Electric Appliances

Power inverter for vehicle

Power Inverter for Vehicle


Q1. What precautions should be taken when using a 200 watt power inverter?

  • Avoid overloading the inverter to avoid damage.
  • Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Use high quality cables and connectors for safe connections.
  • Disconnect the 12V power inverter when not in use to conserve battery power.

Q2. Can I leave the 200 watt power inverter plugged in at all times?

It is not recommended to leave the pure sine wave inverter plugged in when it is not in use as this will drain the batteries over a long period of time. Disconnect the inverter when not in use, or consider using an electrical outlet with a switch for convenience.

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