60A PWM Solar Charge Controller, 12V/24V/48V

● 60A solar charge controller with automatic recognition of 12/24/48V voltage. ● Suitable for lead-acid, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. ● Sufficient current, no false labeling, high efficiency and energy saving. ● Built-in three-stage charge management, and multiple circuit protection.
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This solar controller adopts advanced PWM technology to realize precise charging control, making your solar power generation system more powerful and stable. Meanwhile, it supports remote control by cell phone App, no matter where you are, you can control the operation of the power generation system at any time and realize convenient management. With high efficiency charging mode, it can effectively extend the service life of the battery and reduce the waste of energy. 60A high current output, it can be used for solar street lamps, billboards, and family PV systems, meeting your diversified needs.

60A pwm solar charge controller feature


  • Supports a variety of batteries, lithium ternary batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Built-in multiple circuit protections, all of which are self-recovery and do not damage the controller.
  • Three-stage charging management function divides the charging process into three stages: constant current charging stage, constant voltage charging stage and float charging stage. By accurately controlling the charging current and voltage, not only can it maximize the charging efficiency, but also prolong the service life of the battery.
  • Equipped with an LCD screen and multiple physical buttons, the screen display can also be adjusted using a smartphone App.


  1. Simple & Stylish: Classic screen+button design, all data can be seen at a glance.
  2. Thermal Backplate: Helps to improve the performance of the machine and run smoother.
  3. Easy Connection: Quickly connect with loads using dual USB ports.
  4. Fast Cooling: Simple design vents, fine workmanship of the wrapping edge, strong sense of three-dimensionality.
20a pwm solar charge controller detail

60A PWM Solar Charge Controller Size (unit: mm)

60A pwm solar controller size

60A PWM Solar Charge Controller Description

60A pwm solar charge controller description

1 2 3 4 5 6
Housing Case LCD Display PV INPUT Indicator Battery Indicator Load and WIFI Status Indicator Menu
7 8 9 10 11 12
Page Up Confirm/Load Switch Button Page Down Base Board USB Port Solar Panel Terminal
13 14 15 16 / /
Battery Load Port Temperature Sensor Cooling Windows / /


60A PWM Solar Charge Controller Install Diagram
60A pwm solar charge controller install diagram

Installation Note 

  1. Connect the positive and negative poles of the battery to the controller as shown in the figure, the controller will automatically detect the battery voltage.
  2. Connect the positive and negative poles of the load to the controller as shown in the figure. Be careful not to reverse the connections.
  3. Connect the solar panel to the controller in accordance with the figure.
Automatic Voltage Recognition 12V/24V/48V/Systems
Battery Type Ternary lithium battery / lithium iron phosphate battery / lead-acid battery (optional)
Setting the Battery Type Ternary lithium battery (if you need other battery parameters please check the PDF file)
Rated Charge Current 60A
Rated Discharge Current 60A
Maximum PV Voltage 12V system<25V/24V system<50V/48V system<100V
USB Output 5V 2A MAX
Standby Current 12V<150ma; 24V<80ma; 48V<50ma
System Voltage 12V System 3 Strings Default 12.6V (Unadjustable)
Default 9V (Adjustable 9~10.5V)
Default 10.5V (Adjustable 10.5~11.7V)
System Voltage 24V System 7 Strings Default 29.4V (Unadjustable)
Default 21V (Adjustable 21~24.5V)
Default 24.5V (Adjustable 24.5~27.3V)
System Voltage 48V System 13 Strings Default 54.6V (Unadjustable)
Default 39V (Adjustable 39~45.4V)
Default 45.4V (Adjustable 45.4~50.7V)
Work Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Dimension 155*197*86mm
Net weight 0.96kg

PDF computing60A PWM Solar Charge Controller User Manual

Solar-powered villa

Solar-powered Villa

PWM solar controller for solar systems

Solar Controller for Solar Systems

Solar billboard

Solar Billboard

PWM solar controller for solar street light

Solar Street Light


Q1. How many load output control modes does the 60A solar controller have?

  1. 00 Light control mode, there will be a delayed shutdown time of about one minute after switching on solar charging.
  2. 01-21 Light control + delay mode, if set to 01, the load output will be automatically turned off after 1 hour when the solar charging is disconnected.
  3. 24 Normally open mode, in this mode, you can press the "Confirm" button to switch the load on/off (this function is not available in other modes).

Q2. What are the advantages of PWM technology used in 60A solar controller?

PWM technology belongs to the second generation of solar charge controller technology, which controls the average value of the charging current by adjusting the pulse width, so that the charging current can be controlled more precisely, thus improving the charging efficiency. Not only that, this also reduces overcharging/discharging of the battery during the charging/discharging process and prolongs the service life of the battery.

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