700W Wind Turbine Controller, 12V/24V/48V

● Energy efficient wind turbine controller for 12V/24V/48V wind turbine systems, protects your batteries from overcharging and overloading. ● Built-in battery overcharging protection and outlet overcharging protection to protect battery life and system safety. ● IP67 level protection, aluminum profile housing for lead-acid/colloid batteries, high stability. ● Static power consumption is less than 15mA, wide range of operating temperatures to ensure reliability in extreme environments.
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700 watt wind turbine controller for sale with both wind turbine charging control function for 12V, 24V and 48V battery system. The wind turbine charge controller is made of high-efficiency aluminum profile housing with IP67 protection level, and can work stably under the harsh environment from -35℃ to 70℃. Its static power consumption is less than 15mA, which effectively protects the battery from overcharging, and the overcharging protection voltage settings are 14.4V/28.8V/58.6V (depending on the battery type). Intelligent adaptation of fan starting voltage ensures stable operation of 12V, 24V and 48V battery systems. Welcome to choose our wind charge controller to provide safe and reliable management and protection for your wind power system.

700W wind turbine controller feature


  • MPPT wind turbine controller boost charging, breeze low voltage can start, unlimited energy, to solve the problem of slow wind turbine speed can not charge. Compared with the traditional PWM step-down charge controller, it greatly improves the charging capacity and increases the energy efficiency of power generation system utilization.
  • The wind turbine controller has battery full charge protection function, battery reverse connection protection function, battery short circuit protection function, internal circuit temperature is too high or the ambient temperature is too high and other temperature protection functions.


  1. IP67 Protection Grade: Adopting thermally conductive silicone potting treatment, sealed waterproof, dustproof and circuit oxidation proof
  2. Thickened Aluminum Shell: Thickened pure aluminum shell, multiple heat conduction slots for rapid heat dissipation, increasing product stability
  3. Electronic Unloading Brake Protection: The battery is fully charged for fan electronic brake protection, no failure, sensitive and fast
  4. LED Indicator: Display the working status to, charging status and unloading status is completely clear
700w to 700w wind turbine controller detail

700W Wind Turbine Controller Size (unit: mm)

700W wind turbine controller size

700W Wind Turbine Controller LED Problems

700W wind turbine controller led problems

LED Indicator Status Function
Green wind turbine charging indicator is always off Wind turbine not connected or no wind state
Green wind turbine charging indicator is always on Wind turbine charging status
Red wind turbine brake indicator is always off Normal operation of controller
Red wind turbine brake indicator is always on Battery over-voltage or over-temperature protection
System Voltage DC12V/24V/48V
Static Power Consumption <15mA
Wind Turbine Input Power 12V≤300W, 24V≤600W, 48V≤800W
Fan Boost Starting Voltage 6V(12V battery), 12V(24V battery), 24V(48V battery)
Operating Ambient Temperature -35℃-70℃
Battery Overcharge Protection Voltage 14.4V (12V battery)/ 28.8V (24V battery)/ 58.6V (48V battery)
Exit Overcharge Protection Voltage 13.6V (12V battery)/ 27.6V (24V battery)/ 57.4V (48V battery)
Shell Material Aluminum profile
Protection Grade IP67
Applicable Battery Lead-acid/colloid
Dimension 93*84*21mm
Weights 0.25kg
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Home Rooftop Power Generation

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Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

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Q1: How does this type of wind turbine controller work?

This type of wind turbine controller utilizes advanced electronic and electrical technology to monitor parameters such as the wind turbine's speed, voltage, and current. Based on these parameters, the controller regulates the wind turbine's operating conditions to ensure that it operates at its optimal operating point, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.

Q2: What do I need to know about installing and maintaining the 700w wind turbine controller?

Installation involves ensuring that the controller is properly connected to the wind turbine and other system components and following the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, checking connections and operating conditions of components to ensure stable operation and safety of the wind system.

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