1kW Wind Turbine Controller, 48V

● MPPT high power tracking, 1000W wind and solar hybrid controller for 48V. ● Small size, weight only 2.5kg, easy to carry and install. ● Full power discharge protection, excellent heat dissipation performance, protect user safety. ● With battery dropout and lightning protection, it can run stably outdoors and at night.
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This 1000W home controller is so much more than just a wind controller! It can also be used for wind and solar hybrid systems. Compared with separate photovoltaic or wind system, the hybrid system combines the advantages of both systems, with greater adaptability to weather changes and greater stability. This makes it an ideal choice for promoting new energy sources in remote areas where electricity is scarce. This controller uses MPPT technology with a maximum wind turbine power tracking function and a PWM processor to control the circuit, which can be matched with a variety of different performance levels of wind turbines. It's equipped with an LED screen, which intuitively displays power generation, remaining power, speed, current, temperature, and other data. No matter where you are, at home or outdoors, it will be your right-hand man!

1000W wind turbine controller feature


  • Support starting under breeze, solving the problem of small wind turbine not charging under low wind speed.
  • Easy to install and connect, and comes with battery and panel anti-reverse connection tips and load continuous short circuit tips.
  • With multiple protections such as overcharge, overdischarge and overload, making the system more reliable.
  • Wind turbine input MPPT boosting technology, support a variety of output modes, good compatibility.


  1. LED Display: Shows charging and abnormal status information.
  2. Multi-protection: Includes battery power-down, lightning protection, solar night anti-reverse charging and other protection.
  3. PWM Open-circuit Dumping: The controller automatically dumps the excessive voltage when the wind turbine output voltage is too high.
  4. Input Ports: Multiple ports to support wind-solar hybrid system.
1000w wind turbine controller details
Battery Specifications  
Applicable Battery Voltage >48V
Battery Protection >Reverse connection protection
Overvoltage Protection Point Voltage >58V±0.2V (at 48V) (settable)
Overvoltage Recovery Point Voltage >55V±0.2V (at 48V) (settable)
Undervoltage Protection Point Voltage >42V±0.2V (at 48V) (settable)
Undervoltage Recovery Point Voltage >46V±0.2V (at 48V) (settable)
Battery Temperature Compensation >5mv/℃/2V (settable/optional)
Wind Turbine Input Specifications  
Applicable Wind Turbine Rated Power >1000W, 48V
Rated Current >30ADC (post-rectification)
Maximum Input Current >40ADC (post-rectification)
Preset Speed for Speed-limited Generation >500 Rpm (settable)
Preset Current for Current-limited Generation >30A (settable)
MPPT Type >Boost MPPT
MPPT Input Current >12A
Solar Panel Input Specifications  
Applicable Solar Panel Rated Power >500W, 48V (standard); 1000W, 48V (optional)
Rated Current >15A (standard); 30A (optional)
Charge Voltage Drop ><0.2V
Dumping Method >Open-circuit dumping
Size >175mm*148mm*84mm
Net Weight >2.5kg
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Energy Supply for Home

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Energy Supply for Street Lights

Onshore wind turbine

Onshore Wind Turbine

Offshore wind turbine

Offshore Wind Turbine


Q1. How does the 1000W wind turbine controller work at night or on cloudy days?

Even when there is no sunlight or wind energy, this controller will still monitor the status of your batteries and charge them when needed. It will also prevent overcharging and overdischarging of the battery to protect the battery life. At night or on cloudy days, the controller will automatically enter standby mode and wait for light or wind energy to return.

Q2. Can this 1000W wind turbine controller be used in a hybrid system with both wind and solar energy?

Yes, this controller is designed for wind-solar hybrid systems and can manage both wind and solar inputs to ensure efficient utilization of both energy sources. The controller will automatically adjust the charging current according to the real-time energy output and battery status for optimal energy management.

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