Wind Turbine Controller, 600W/700W, 12V/24V/48V

● Support 12V/24V/48V rated voltage, suitable for 600W/700W mini wind turbine, design for efficient energy conversion in domestic use. ● Wide operating temperature range, -20~55℃, with 8mV/°C/2V temperature compensation function, adapting to extreme climate conditions. ● Aluminum profile shell, anti-reverse connection, overcharging, lightning protection and current limiting protection to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. ● Equipped with MPPT wind controller and improved three-stage charging algorithm to improve energy capture rate and system efficiency.
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This series of wind turbine charge controller designed for mini wind turbines are compact and easy to install, suitable for home and off-grid living. It adopts aluminum profile shell to optimize heat dissipation and promote high integration and miniaturization. It is equipped with charging and full indication, manual brake and other functions to meet the practical needs of our customers. Wind mppt charge controller supports 600W and 700W power, 12/24/48V voltage automatic identification, suitable for residential use. Parallel unloading circuit design, together with pure imported IR integrated chip and power components, ensures the protection of wind turbine and battery, enhances the stability and reliability of the product, and is suitable for carrying and mobile applications.

600W to 700W wind turbine controller feature


  • Wind turbine controller for off-grid living automatically recognizes 12v, 24v and 48v systems.
  • High quality imported integrated circuits and power components are used to ensure its stability and long durability in residential use.
  • Three-phase soft brake technology provides more perfect protection for the fan and effectively prevents system overload.
  • Manual brake function can quickly stop the wind turbine in case of emergency to ensure system safety.
  • With advanced battery reverse connection protection function, suitable for outdoor convenient carrying use.
  • With intuitive LED status indicator to show charging and full status, easy for residential management.


  1. Improved Three-stage Charging Algorithm: Effectively prevent battery unevenness and sulfation phenomenon to improve battery life.
  2. Aluminum Shell Material Shell: Small size, portable and easy to install, wind turbine mppt charge controller with good heat dissipation.
  3. Lightning Protection: Battery power down, lightning protection, brake protection, anti-reverse charging and other protection functions.
  4. Multi-level Protection Function: Components using IR integrated chip and power components, digital design, module contactless structure, stable performance
600w to 700w wind turbine controller detail

Wind Turbine Controller Connection

600W to 700W wind turbine controller connection

Installation Precautions

  1. Upon receipt of the wind turbine charge controller, visually inspect the exterior for visible damage. If there is any damage, please contact the supplier in time.
  2. Select the battery with the corresponding operating voltage and connect the positive and negative terminals correctly, please do not connect them in reverse order!
  3. Connect the wires of the wind generator, the three wires of the wind turbine generator are not in any order.
  4. The charging system is ready for normal operation.

600W to 700W wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Initial Access Controller CHG/Break Indicator Blinking Cross Reference:

Number Number of Flashes Rated Battery Voltage Recognition Range
1 3 12V Battery voltage ≤17V
2 4 24V 17V<Battery voltage≤35V
3 5 48V 35V<Battery voltage≤70


  1. Green LED indicator, Work indicator will be lit when the system is working normally.
  2. CHG/Break light, when the charging current is more than 1A, the light will show green, when the battery is full/braking/over temperature, the light will show red.
  3. Emergency Switch: "Break" gear is in braking state, "Run" gear is in normal working state.
Control System Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Rated Power of Wind Turbine 600W/700W
Battery Overcharge Protection 15V/29V/58V
Temperature Compensation 8mV/°C/2V (Adjustable) -20~65°C
Operating Ambient Temperature -20~55℃ 35~95%RH (no condensation)
Storage Ambient Temperature -30~65℃
Altitude ≤5500M
Shell Material Aluminum profile
Protection Function Anti-reverse connection, overcharge protection, lightning protection, current limiting protection, wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake
Product Certification CE
Color Black
Size 180*76*46mm

PDF computing12V/24V/48V Wind Turbine Controller User Manual

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Home Rooftop Power Generation

Remote communication base station

Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Road lighting

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Q1: What are the key features of the Home 600W/700W wind turbine controller?

Wind turbine controllers for house are designed to efficiently manage the wind energy captured by the turbine and convert it into usable electricity for the home. Key features include: Charge regulation, which ensures that the battery is safely charged without overcharging. Load control, which prevents the system from being overloaded; and real-time monitoring, which allows the homeowner to track performance and power generation. These wind mppt charge controllers are usually compact and suitable for home installations where space is limited.

Q2: How portable are 600W/700W wind turbine charge controllers?

Wind turbine charge controllers are typically lightweight and compact, making them highly portable and ideal for mobile use, such as in an RV, boat, or remote cabin. Their portability does not compromise their efficiency; they are built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in remote locations. These controllers often feature easy installation and plug-and-play connectivity to meet the needs of users looking for flexible, portable energy solutions.

Q3: Can 600W/700W wind turbine controllers be integrated with solar panels for home energy systems?

Yes, the wind charge controller can be integrated with solar panels to create a hybrid home energy system. This integration allows for a more stable power supply as the wind turbine generates power when the wind is blowing and the solar panel generates power when the sun is shining. Many mppt wind controllers can handle inputs from both wind turbines and solar panels, optimizing energy production and storage. This setup is especially beneficial for homes looking to maximize renewable energy and reduce reliance on the grid.

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Tony | 4/26/2024 8:17 AM
Nice controller. Seller responded quickly!!
I bought this 600W controller to match my wind turbine. Easy to install and carry. At first I couldn't read the indicator, solved after consulting.