Wind Turbine Controller, 800W/1000W, 12V/24V/48V

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● Suitable for 800W/1000W wind turbine, 12V/24V/48V automatic identification, support all kinds of home and portable mini wind power system. ● Equipped with three-phase soft brake technology and high wind brake protection, built-in improved three-stage charging algorithm and over-voltage protection to enhance battery life. ● Aluminum profile housing enhances heat dissipation and durability. Digital intelligent control system provides reliable wind energy conversion solutions for a wide range of application scenarios. ● Temperature compensation mechanism, wide operating temperature range (-20 to 55℃), ensuring stable operation in high altitude (≤5500M) and extreme environments.
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Designed for 800W/1000W wind turbine generator, this wind charge controller supports 12V/24V/48V system, designed for home and portable micro wind power system. Adopting high quality aluminum profile housing, it is durable and can operate stably under -20 to 55℃ working environment. With temperature compensation function, the adjustable range is 8mV/°C/2V, which ensures high efficiency even under extreme climatic conditions. The controller adopts three-phase soft braking technology to provide high wind braking protection and an improved three-stage charging algorithm to optimize the charging process. It is equipped with automatic identification function, over-voltage and battery protection to ensure a stable and reliable system. The digital intelligent control system makes it a preferred mppt wind controller for a wide range of applications, suitable for home and mobile applications.

800W to 1000W wind turbine controller feature


  • The wind turbine charge controller for off-grid living can automatically recognize 12/24/48V to enhance the efficiency of use.
  • Designed for residential use, the controller is equipped with over-voltage protection to prevent abnormal voltage from damaging the battery and ensure stable operation of the system.
  • The controller is equipped with battery protection, which prolongs the life of the battery and is suitable for long-term off-grid use, guaranteeing the energy security of the family.
  • Adopting digital intelligent control technology, it can accurately manage the flow of electricity and improve the efficiency of energy utilization, which is suitable for various residential applications.
  • Convenient wind power controller design, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios, effectively solve the problem of power shortage in remote areas or outdoor activities.


  1. Aluminum Profile Shell: Aluminum alloy shell has a good heat dissipation effect, and can make good use of the shell heat dissipation
  2. Three Phase Soft Brake Technology: Mini controller size, easy to carry and install, further development towards highly integrated and miniaturized.
  3. Improved Three-stage Charging Algorithm: Improve the service life of the battery, effectively prevent the battery from uneven and sulfurization phenomenon.
  4. Windy Brake Protection: Built-in electrodeless unloading, battery overcharge protection, over-current and over-voltage protection, lightning surge protection, and manual braking.
800w to 1000w wind turbine controller detail

Wind Turbine Controller Connection

800W to 1000W wind turbine controller connection

Installation Precautions

  1. Upon receipt of the wind turbine charge controller, visually inspect the exterior for visible damage. If there is any damage, please contact the supplier in time.
  2. Select the battery with the corresponding operating voltage and connect the positive and negative terminals correctly, please do not connect them in reverse order!
  3. Connect the wires of the wind generator, the three wires of the wind turbine generator are not in any order.
  4. The charging system is ready for normal operation.

600W to 700W wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Initial Access Controller CHG/Break Indicator Blinking Cross Reference:

Number Number of Flashes Rated Battery Voltage Recognition Range
1 3 12V Battery voltage ≤17V
2 4 24V 17V<Battery voltage≤35V
3 5 48V 35V<Battery voltage≤70


  1. Green LED indicator, Work indicator will be lit when the system is working normally.
  2. CHG/Break light, when the charging current is more than 1A, the light will show green, when the battery is full/braking/over temperature, the light will show red.
  3. Emergency Switch: "Break" gear is in braking state, "Run" gear is in normal working state.
Control System Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Rated Power of Wind Turbine 800W/100W
Battery Overcharge Protection 15V/29V/58V
Temperature Compensation 8mV/°C/2V (Adjustable) -20~65°C
Operating Ambient Temperature -20~55℃ 35~95%RH (no condensation)
Storage Ambient Temperature -30~65℃
Altitude ≤5500M
Shell Material Aluminum profile
Protection Function Anti-reverse connection, overcharge protection, lightning protection, current limiting protection, wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake
Product Certification CE
Color Blue
Size 180*76*46mm
Home rooftop power generation

Home Rooftop Power Generation

Remote communication base station

Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Road lighting

Road Lighting


Q1: How does a portable 800W/1000W wind turbine controller enhance off-grid living?

A portable 800W/1000W wind charge controller enhances off-grid living by providing reliable energy management in remote locations. These controllers are compact, easy to transport, and designed for quick setup, making them ideal for camping, RVs, or remote cabins. They efficiently convert and regulate wind power into usable electricity, ensuring a steady energy supply. With built-in safety features like short-circuit and overcharge protection, they maintain system integrity and prolong battery life. The portability of these controllers allows for flexibility in location, making renewable energy accessible in various off-grid settings.

Q2: What should i consider when choosing a wind charger controller for my 800W/1000W system?

When choosing a wind turbine controller for an 800W/1000W system, consider compatibility, control features, and durability. Ensure the controller matches the voltage and power specifications of your wind turbine to prevent system mismatches. Look for controllers with advanced control features such as real-time monitoring, automatic braking, and efficient power management. These features enhance system performance and safety. Durability is also crucial, as the wind generator charge controller will be exposed to various weather conditions; opt for models with robust construction and weather-resistant materials. Lastly, consider the ease of installation and technical support availability to ensure a smooth setup and maintenance process.

Q3: Can the 800W/1000W wind turbine controller integrate with solar panels for hybrid home energy systems?

Yes, the mppt wind controller can integrate with solar panels to create a hybrid home energy system. It is designed to work in conjunction with solar controllers, allowing for simultaneous management of wind and solar power generation. This integration enables a more consistent and reliable energy supply by harnessing both solar and wind energy, optimizing power availability throughout the day and night. The controller's intelligent management system ensures balanced charging and discharging, protecting batteries and maximizing the efficiency of your hybrid renewable energy system for home use.

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