Wind Turbine Controller, 300W/400W/500W, 12V/24V

● Compatible with 12V/24V for 300W to 500W portable wind turbines with CE certification and IP67 protection. ● Adopts MPPT technology for efficient charging with PWM soft unloading to ensure noiseless operation. ● Can be used outdoors or at home to charge wind turbines at low voltage, equipped with a diode indicator display for intuitive operation. ● Aluminum alloy material, fully sealed waterproof design, excellent heat dissipation performance to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
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High-performance MPPT controller charge for mini wind turbine charging system design of high-performance charger, especially suitable for 600W below wind turbine generator charging system, the wind mppt charge controller adopts MPPT (high power point tracking) control method. The portable wind turbine charge controller adopts MPPT (high power point tracking) control method, which can ensure that the wind turbine can charge the battery under low wind speed and low rotational speed. It can also improve the utilization rate of wind turbine power generation by 159~20% under the same conditions. Waterproof appearance design meets the requirements of field use. Diversified function design, can be composed of flexible and changeable system or wind turbine generator for home , to meet the needs of different customers.

300W to 500W wind turbine controller feature


  • Selection of high-quality industrial-grade components ensures the stability of the product.
  • Perfect electrical protection function makes the system more reliable.
  • Adopt water/dustproof design, which can eliminate the damage problems caused by field use.
  • Voltage and current limiting charging mode ensures that the battery is always in a good charging state.
  • MPPT power tracking charging mode, more efficiently extract energy charging from portable wind turbine, low voltage charging.
  • Stepless soft unloading by PWM, releasing the excess power to protect the battery, wind turbine safe operation.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy appearance design, small size and easy to carry, suitable for camping and outdoor activities and other scenes, good heat dissipation.


  1. Wind Turbine Low Voltage Charging: MPPT wind turbine controller low voltage charging, charging sampling point can be set. (PWM controller requires the fan voltage to be higher than the battery in order to charge)
  2. Heat Dissipation Wind Tunnel Higher Design: Fast heat dissipation, effectively solve the wind generator controller in the case of high-current charging heat dissipation problems, increase the service life.
  3. MPPT Mode: Breeze start, solving the fan dormant state at low wind speed.
  4. Fully Sealed Waterproof Design: One-piece design, IP67 protection level, rain/dust can enter seamlessly.
300w to 500w wind turbine controller detail


300W to 500W Wind Turbine Controller Size

300W to 500W wind turbine controller size



300W to 500W Wind Turbine Controller Connection

300W to 500W wind turbine controller size

MPPT high power calculation and tracking, interpreting the true meaning of breeze is charging.

Voltage Rating 12V/24V
Wind Turbine Rated Power 300W/400W/500W
Rated Charging Current of Wind Turbine √20A; √30A
Starting Charging Voltage of Wind Turbine 7V/12V
Braking Voltage DC145V/29V
Protection Class IP67
Standby Current 3.2mA
Protection Mode Battery overcharge, overload, wind turbine current limitation, automatic brake
Display Mode Diode indication
Material Aluminum alloy
Certificates CE
Performance MPPT power point tracking mode charging
Unloading Method PWM noise-free soft unloading mode
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range -20~60°C/35~85%RH (but no condensation)
Dimension 80*23*80mm

PDF computing300 to 500W Wind Turbine Controller User Manual

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Q1: How to choose the right controller for 300W/400W/500W wind turbine?

For a 300W, 400W or 500W wind turbine for home, choosing the right wind generator controller is crucial. First, make sure the power rating of the controller matches the turbine. For example, a 500W turbine requires a wind charge controller with a minimum of 500W. second, consider the controller's voltage rating to ensure it is compatible with the system's batteries or power grid. Finally, consider the controller's features such as overcharge protection, overload protection and automatic braking features to protect the portable wind turbine and electrical system.

Q2: What are the steps for installing a wind turbine controller?

Installing a wind turbine charge controller usually involves the following steps: first, install the controller in a dry, well-ventilated area near the battery and turbine. Make sure that all cables are long enough to connect the wind turbine generator, controller and battery. Next, connect the cables from the turbine, controller and battery according to the manufacturer's instructions. Take care to ensure that all connections are tight and correct. Finally, turn on the controller and adjust the settings as needed to ensure proper system operation.

Q3: How do I maintain and troubleshoot my wind turbine controller?

Maintaining the wind turbine charge controller includes regularly checking cable connections, cleaning the unit, and monitoring system performance. If you encounter problems, first check for loose or damaged cable connections. Next, review the wind turbine mppt charge controller's diagnostic indications to determine the possible cause of the malfunction. If the problem still cannot be resolved, refer to the controller's user manual for troubleshooting or contact the manufacturer for assistance. Regular maintenance can help identify potential problems and extend the life of your system.

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