Wind Turbine Controller, 2kW, 48V/96V

● Wind turbine charge controller is designed for 2kW wind turbines, with dual voltage compatibility for both 48V and 96V battery systems. ● Boasting a PWM stepless high-frequency soft unloading method, equipped with reverse connection protection for photovoltaic inputs. ● An intuitive LCD display provides real-time insights into wind turbine voltage, power generation, and system performance. ● Perfect for off-grid living, this charge controller suits remote homes, cabins, and camping sites. Its robust design, capable of withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions (-40℃ to +60℃, 20% to 85% RH)
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It's suitable for 2kW wind turbines for off-grid house, and compatible with battery systems operating at 48V or 96V. This wind turbine charge controller ensures maximum protection with over-voltage and under-voltage safeguards, with settable recovery points to maintain the integrity of your power storage solutions. The device features a PWM stepless high frequency soft unloading mechanism built-in. For photovoltaic inputs ranging from 1kW to 2kW, it provides reverse connection protection and employs an open circuit unloading method for safety. The output port can handle a maximum current of 20A/30A and utilizes a relay passive junction, offering flexibility with normally open or normally closed options. It is suitable for use with other energy supply products to power off-grid houses.

Wind turbine controller for 20kW feature


  • LED Display: Offers an intuitive presentation of the system's status and metrics.
  • Digital Design: Features a modular five-point structure that ensures stable and reliable performance.
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation: Starts with a light breeze, solving the issue of wind turbine dormancy at low wind speeds.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Enhances system reliability with robust safeguarding features.
  • LED Status Indicators: Provide clear charging status with full charge and error information displayed via LEDs.
  • MPPT Functionality: Maximizes wind turbine power tracking with PWM processor circuit control.
  • Battery Depletion and Lightning Protection: Includes protection against battery depletion, lightning, and solar reverse charging at night.
  • Safe PWM Unloading: The controller can safely unload excess voltage when the wind turbine output exceeds the design parameters.


  1. Small size, easy to install.
  2. Good heat dissipation.
  3. Wind power controller with high wind resistance and no polarity unloading.
Wind turbine controller for 2kW detail


Wind Turbine Controller for 2kW Wiring Diagram

Wind turbine controller for 2kw wiring diagram

Battery Parameters
Applicable Battery Voltage 48V/96V
Battery Protection Methods Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection (with output option)
Overvoltage Protection Point Voltage 58V±1V/(at 48V) (settable)
Overvoltage Recovery Point Voltage 55V±1V/(at 48V) (settable)
Undervoltage Recovery Point Voltage 46V±1V/(at 48V) (settable)
Undervoltage Protection Point Voltage 42V±1V/(at 48V) (settable)
Wind Turbine Input Port Parameters
Applicable Wind Turbine Rated Power 2kW
Unloading Method PWM stepless high frequency soft unloading (built-in)
PV Input Port Parameters
Applicable Photovoltaic Rated Power 1kW-2kW
Photovoltaic Protection Methods Reverse connection protection
Unloading Method Open circuit unloading
Output Port
Maximum Passing Current 20A/30A
Output Structure Relay passive junction (normally open or normally closed)
Other Parameters
Display Mode Liquid (LCD) display
Communication Method RS232 (5V level), RS485 (optional)
Display Parameter Contents Wind turbine input voltage/electrohydraulics/power/generation/rotational speed/unloading current/photovoltaic input/voltage/electrohydraulics/power/generation/battery voltage/charging current/power/total charging/battery status
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range (Ambient) -40℃~+60℃/20~85%RH (no condensation)
Protection Class IP41

Q1. What types of installations is this controller suitable for?

This controller is ideal for off-grid installations like remote homes, cabins, and even for camping setups, providing reliable energy management in varied environments.

Q2. Can a 2kW Wind Turbine Controller be used for both off-grid and grid-tied systems?

Yes, but the controller's design might differ based on the application. Off-grid systems require battery charging regulation, while grid-tied systems need to synchronize with the grid's voltage and frequency.

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Ellison | 6/4/2024 9:36 AM
Good product, good service
I've been really impressed with the dump load, it's really effective, and there's no need to worry about windy weather. The wiring is simple, and installation doesn't require any special knowledge – you just need to refer to the instructions on the line. The display shows all the data, which is really convenient and good. Highly recommend it.
Loona | 5/17/2024 8:47 AM
As expected
Nice controller to use with my 2kw wind turbine. Will you sell MPPT controllers in the future though?