Where do I begin? Key questions to ask when going solar

Where do I begin? Key questions to ask when going solar

Last Updated: March 26th, 2021 at 10:10 am
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Top Questions to Ask Before Switching to Solar

Learning about the process of adding solar panels to your home can be a daunting task when you’re not even sure where to start. But the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has provided a great starting point by releasing a Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power, giving consumers an overview of things they should consider when going solar.

The questions that they suggest that you ask of yourself and of the solar company you’re doing business with are helpful. Here are a sampling of the ones consumers may find most beneficial.

  • What is your timeline for this investment?
  • How much do I pay up front, and how much over time, for how long?
  • How much electricity will the system generate each year? Do you guarantee a minimum amount (a production guarantee)? Are there any other guarantees?
  • Will my system be net metered? How will I be compensated for excess electricity generated by the system?
  • Can I expect to save money with this system? If so, how much? Based on what assumptions?
  • Is the installation company licensed and insured?
  • What will the system look like once installed? Will I receive a system design for my review and approval before installation?

POWERHOME can help answer all the above questions, and then some, when we discuss your potential to go solar.

SOLAR EDUCATION: POWERHOME helps you learn the ABCs of solar


At POWERHOME, which currently does business in five states (Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia), we aim to make the daunting easy. We are one of the few American companies who uses American-made products and sells, finances, designs, pulls permits, and installs solar energy systems and panels for residential and commercial applications 100 percent in-house, to best manage quality assurance and customer satisfaction, and to help local economies thrive by hiring area residents.

With our innovative solar program, homeowners can go solar for $0 up-front cost, save money on their electric bills, and generate their own clean energy. The solar panels installed on your home come with a 25-year warranty, with many panels expected to last well beyond that.

Please feel free to fill out the form below or contact POWERHOME SOLAR at 800-765-2715, and one of our solar representatives will help you determine whether your home qualifies for this program.