800W Wind Turbine Controller, 24V/48V

● High-efficiency PWM charging mode, 800W wind turbine controller, fully automatic 48V rated voltage, provides long-lasting energy support for your wind power system. ● IP67 level protection, all-weather waterproof and dustproof, ensuring stable operation in harsh environments and prolonging equipment life. ● 24V/48V DC voltage control mode, compatible with various batteries, reliably identifies and regulates the current to maximize the power output of the wind turbine. ● Professional three-wire wiring system prevents reverse connection of positive and negative poles, protects the controller from damage, bolt-on installation, solid and reliable.
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Precision-designed 800W wind turbine charge controller, compatible with 24V and 48V output, adopting advanced PWM charging mode, with IP67 protection level, safe and reliable. Supporting up to 40A rated current, it is suitable for AC ≤ 90V input AC voltage, DC 29V/58V battery charging voltage, and wind turbine speed limiting voltage 28.8V/57.6V.The static power consumption of the controller is as low as 0.003A, and the peak carrying power is 24V≤1000W/48V≤2000W, with a wide range of operating temperatures, from -30°C to 50°C. The three-wire input wiring system is adopted for easy installation. Adopt three-wire input wiring, easy and reliable installation, bolt fixing. Not only has stability and high efficiency, but also has 24V/48V recognition compatible DC voltage control mode to ensure smoother system operation.

800W wind turbine controller feature


  • Waterproof wind turbine controller, using wind energy resources to generate electricity, the electricity issued to charge the battery.
  • The new generation of wind turbine controller has charging indication, full indication, manual brake and other functions to meet the user's practical needs.
  • The circuit adopts parallel unloading design, which can better protect the wind turbine and battery.
  • Advanced humanized design, high quality imported components is the controller's stability and reliability of a strong guarantee.


  1. Small size, LED status can be displayed
  2. Bolt-on for easy installation
  3. Three-wire access
  4. Aluminum profile material for housing
  5. Components are imported IR integrated chips and power components
800W wind turbine controller detail

600W Wind Turbine Controller Size (unit: mm)

800W wind turbine controller size

Wind Turbine Controller Connection

800W wind turbine controller connection

Rated Voltage 48V (Auto)
Charging Mode PWM
Protection Rating IP67
Standby Current 3.6mA
Rated Current 40A
Input AC Voltage AC≤90V
Output DC Voltage DC 24V/48V
Battery Charge Voltage DC 29V/58V
Charging Current ≤40A (48V)
Wind Turbine Speed Limit Voltage 28.8V/57.6V
Static Power Consumption 0.003A
Carrying Power (Peak) 24V≤1000W/48V≤2000W
Braking Wind Speed Class 10
Working Temperature -30℃-50℃
Input Wiring Method Three-wire system
DC Voltage Control Mode Compatible with 24V/48V identification
Installation Method Bolt fixing
Wiring Please do not connect the positive and negative poles inversely, so as not to burn the controller
Dimension 97*80*25mm
Weight 0.3~0.35kg
Home rooftop power generation

Home Rooftop Power Generation

Remote communication base station

Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Road lighting

Road Lighting


Q1: Can the 800w wind turbine controller be used with other renewable energy sources?

Although designed primarily for wind turbines, some models may support hybrid systems that allow integration with solar panels or other renewable energy sources. For compatibility information, please review the wind turbine controller specifications or consult the manufacturer.

Q2: What protection does an 800w wind turbine controller offer?

Wind turbine charge controllers typically include protection features such as overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection. These features protect the turbine and connected systems from damage.

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