5kW Wind Turbine Controller, 24V/36V/48V

● 5kW off-grid wind turbine controller with yaw control braking. ● MPPT technology is used to support wind and solar hybrid system. ● Multiple control functions can be selected at will, with adjustable voltage and current parameters. ● It can be used in remote areas without electricity such as plateau, island, pastoral area and so on.
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This 5kW wind and solar hybrid controller can automatically recognize the battery voltage, support 24V/36V/48V batteries, and has comprehensive protection functions: anti-reverse connection protection, anti-disconnection protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and so on. Brake control can be carried out manually to ensure the safety of personnel during the installation and maintenance of wind turbines, and can also be used for wind turbine braking in emergencies; with the communication function, it can remotely control the wind turbine brakes. This controller uses the Modbus communication protocol, which makes it easy for customers to carry out secondary development. It also supports WiFi, GPRS, and Ethernet.

5000W wind turbine controller feature


  • Large LCD display, the working status of wind turbine, solar panel, battery and controller can be seen at a glance.
  • Maximum power tracking, applicable to a variety of wind turbine voltage, can improve power generation efficiency.
  • Adopt DC constant voltage load dump and three-phase load dump two sets of control system, a variety of control functions to choose from.
  • Internal lightning protector can limit the transient over-voltage running into the wind turbine power line to the voltage range that the equipment can withstand, protecting the equipment from damage.


  1. Wind Turbine: This graphic is displayed to indicate that the wind turbine is working normally.
  2. Solar Panel: This graphic is displayed to indicate that the solar panel is working normally.
  3. Battery: The internal bar graph indicates the battery power status.
  4. PWM Dumping: Displayed when the wind turbine is charging the battery with constant voltage and current under high wind and strong wind conditions.
  5. Three-phase Dumping: Graphic display when the battery is full and stops charging the battery.
  6. Parameter Display: LCD screen displays the value of each parameter in digital form.
  7. Insurance Fuse Indicator: when the light is on, it reminds the user to replace the insurance.
5000W wind turbine controller details


5000W Wind Turbine Controller Wiring Diagram

5000W wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Wind Turbine Input  
Rated Power 2500W/DC24V; 3500W/DC36V; 5000W/DC48V
Max. Control Power/Current 5000W/100A; 7000W/100A; 10kW/100A
Rated AC Line Voltage AC48V/96V/120V (L-L)
DC Dump Load Voltage DC170V
Three-phase Braking Voltage DC190V
Braking Current DC100A
Generator Over Speed Control Optional
Wind Over Speed Control Optional
Manual Control Functions Manual brake, remote control brake (with communication)
Auto Control Functions Dump load, yaw, pitch, mechanical brake, hydraulic brake, electromagnetic brake
PV Input  
Rated Power (Customizable) <2000Wp (rated power of wind turbine+solar panel≤3800W)
Open-circuit Voltage <200V
Battery Parameters  
Rated Voltage 24V/36V/48V Automatic recognition
Support Battery Types Battery, lithium battery
Over Voltage disconnect Voltage 32V; 48V; 64V (settable)
Charging Limit Voltage 30V; 45V; 60V (settable)
Over Valtage Reconnect Voltage 30V; 45V; 60V (settable)
Set Range 18V-34V; 27V-51V; 36V-48V
Display LCD +LED display
Displayable Parameters Power, voltage, current of wind turbine and solar panels; Battery voltage; Charging current; Wind speed, etc.
Telecommunication (optional) RS485/USB/GPRS/WiFi/Ethernet
Standby Power Consumption ≈40ma
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range -30~+60℃/<90% (no condensation)
Protection Class IP20 (indoor); IP65 (outdoor)
Size 400mm*230mm*550mm
Net Weight 31kg
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Energy Supply for Home

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Energy Supply for Street Lights

Onshore wind turbine

Onshore Wind Turbine

Offshore wind turbine

Offshore Wind Turbine


Q1. Does 5kW wind power controller support remote control?

Yes, this wind power controller supports WiFi, GPRS, Ethernet. monitoring data access to the Internet of Things platform, users can monitor its working status in real time through the PC or mobile, support the history query. Through the RS485 interface, you can set the technical parameters of the controller by using its own PC software.

Q2. How many control methods are available for 5kW wind turbine controller?

This controller can add yaw control, pitch control, mechanical folding tail control, mechanical brake, hydraulic brake, electromagnetic brake and other braking control functions according to the type of wind turbine.

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