You Can Make Money,
or You Can Spend Money

You can make electrical payments forever, or you can switch to commercial solar panels and earn a return on your investment. It’s that simple.

Why Commercial Solar Systems Make Sense

Why choose commercial solar panels for your business? A commercial solar system could pay huge dividends. You’ll have more control over your energy bill, and your bottom line will be less susceptible to unpredictable yet inevitable energy rate hikes. You’ll see increased savings and set up your business to benefit from a significant federal tax credit.

solar rooftop for businesses
With commercial solar panels, your roof can reduce one of your company’s biggest expenses. Unlike other areas of your business, solar power does not come with day-to-day hassles. We put it on your roof, and it generates energy.
Solar Inspection
expert installing and inspecting solar panels
We are a full-service provider, so responsibility for your entire system falls under one roof. POWERHOME Solar coordinates all aspects of design, procurement, permitting and construction, and energizing the system with the utility. One call does it all.
commercial solar panels for businessescommercial solar panels for business
In addition, based on a combination of federal tax credits, MACRS bonus depreciation, utility rebates and federal grants, your internal rate of return will range between 10% to 20%. We try to maximize that in every deal we do. Your commercial solar panels will begin paying for themselves on Day 1, and your payback period could be as little as 5-8 years.

Commercial Solar Panels

Your roof doesn’t have to be only for protection from the elements. You can turn your roof into an electricity generator with a commercial solar system. And if you think you can’t have commercial solar panels because there is not enough room on your roof, we can install a ground-mounted system that has the ultimate Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

If a rooftop or ground-mounted system is not feasible, a carport or shade space can be an economical solution. With so many commercial solar panel systems available, you may wonder why you haven’t considered switching to solar power for your business sooner.

With 40 years of combined experience in commercial solar systems installation as well as commercial roof replacement, POWERHOME Solar understands the complexity of providing your business with commercial solar panels without disrupting your daily operations. Our senior management team has installed over 200 megawatts of commercial solar projects. We use monocrystalline solar panels that come with a 30-year power production warranty, providing peace of mind for the long haul.

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Industries Served

At POWERHOME Solar, we are proud to partner with 5 pro football teams. We’ve helped power their green and sustainability initiatives, thrilling fans and helping the planet at the same time. We work with companies large and small that have expansive roof space for solar panels and use a lot of power. This gives your company the chance to save even more money on your power bill.

POWERHOME Solar also will work with developer-owned office buildings, where we can help developers power the common areas of their buildings such as halls, elevators, bathrooms and outdoor lights by installing canopy solar carports. The parking lots of those buildings are often expansive and offer a great sun-drenched spot to install solar.

Case Studies

POWERHOME Solar is working with a Michigan waste water treatment plant to convert to on-site energy production with a solar energy offset of 97% in utility consumption. The project anticipates an average annual savings of $216,695, or $5,417,368 over the cost of utility electricity of the 25-year projection period, and in gross income (pre-tax) dollars, savings average $323,425 annually or $8,085,623 over the system life.

On our other projects, returns have ranged from 10% to 20% IRR, some of the highest returns on any capital expenditures our clients have ever seen. This compared to a 30-year annualized return in the S&P 500 of only 7%.

Gross savings of system (pre-tax)
Over the life of the system
man fixing solar panel a man fixing solar panel

Commercial Financing

At POWERHOME Solar, we’ll do the math. We’ll help you decide if solar power is right for your business and create a customized quote based on your business needs. And when we install commercial solar panels for your business, you’ll see savings for the life of the system. We have a range of financing choices, including 100 percent financing for up to 25 years. There’s sure to be one in line with your business’s needs and goals.

Commercial Roofing

POWERHOME Solar is more than just a commercial solar installation company. We are also a commercial roofing company. That means you never have to worry when POWERHOME is on the job. We do the job right the first time. We find the best roof for your business and make sure that the process goes smoothly, from beginning to end, with little to no disruption of your day-to-day business activities.

We understand the complexities of providing the best in industry commercial roofing installations while making the process as seamless as possible for your business. We specialize in commercial flat roofing with technicians experienced and certified in a range of areas such as leak analysis, retrofit pipe jacks, roof curbs and chimney caps as well as modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, PVC and more. We use American-made industrial roofing products for our jobs.

solar expert standing on roof a solar expert standing on roof